About Bella Glass Production

Makers of architectural glass. 

Saint Nortberts College


Zach Abote

Our owner/president brings 19+ years of architectural art glass, architecture and construction industry experience to Bella Glass Production. He is our resident artist and lead fabricator. Loves every aspect of art and thrives in functional art. Architectural glass is a great way to create art and functionality in the same space.

Lacey Abote

Our Accounts Manager. With 16+ years of experience in the glass world Lacey can be found working in all parts of the shop. She also has the responsibility of keeping track of all financials.

Lacey and Zach Abote

Giving Back

After years of supporting the same schools and charities, we were looking for something different in our community that served children. We were moved to become major supporters of Anchor Center after visiting their incredible facility and learning about its unique mission. There is nothing else like it in Colorado for these special children!